The Heritage

Rich in history

Edinburgh Marina sits within the Granton Harbour estate, which dates from the 1830s and was newly built by the 5th Duke of Buccleuch in a location where there had not been a harbour previously.

Construction of the harbour continued, firstly with the building of the Western Breakwater, completed in 1851, then the Eastern Breakwater. This was completed in 1863, and the stone used for the construction came from the Duke’s own Granton Quarry nearby.

Historically connected

Granton had a rail connection and a roll-on/roll-off train ferry, the first in the world, was established in 1849 and continued to operate until the Forth Bridge was opened in 1890.

The harbour was equipped with steam cranes, starting in 1860, which allowed heavy cargoes to be loaded and unloaded easily.

Fishing vessels started using the harbour in the mid 1880s, and the number of trawlers gradually increased to a maximum of about eighty.